The Secret to a Wonderful Christmas – Enjoy Every Magical Moment

This time of year can be a busy time of year for so many people.  The school yearmerry-christmas-banner concluding for children, finalising projects and tasks at work.  Facilities preparing for Christmas celebrations, many families then go on holidays so you have the preparation for holidays.  Then of course the Christmas cards to send and presents to buy.

I understand that it is a lot more for many of us than normal and that overwhelm, stress, exhaustion or whatever words relate to your situation start to be used in your language.

We can spend a lot of our time thinking about what’s next rather than actually enjoying the moment this time of year.  Can I encourage you to enjoy it, when you are wrapping presents put on Christmas music and wrap your gifts with happiness, excitement and love.

When you are catching up with friends, enjoy their company.  Whatever you are doing enjoy the moment because you are usually with people you love, who are special to you. When you are shopping you are shopping for those you love and to make the event fantastic for them.

Immerse yourself and be aware of the language you are using.  When you are asked “how are you” think of your answer, you can say “good” you can say “tired” you can say “stressed” or you can say “wonderful, thank you for asking” then smile.  Not only will you feel good the added benefit is they will feel good.

It is a wonderful special time of year, so enjoy every magical moment.

Wishing a Magical Christmas to you, your family and your loved ones.


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