What Does a Cluttered Mind Do To You?

Information Overload

We are lucky that we live in the ‘golden age’ of information. Just about anything we want to know, learn and discover is literally right at our fingertips.

We take in information passively (walking by a newspaper stand, overhearing a radio program) or actively transmitted (reading a magazine, watching a TV program)

  •  The flip side is the very real and common threat of information overload.
  • The human brain can only take in so much before it becomes overloaded, confused, or even a bit paralysed;

It’s a time when we need to take direct and specific steps to manage that information in a way that makes it work for us rather than against us.

How do you feel when you know your mind is cluttered?

When we have a congested mind, our best qualities are suppressed and:

  • We simply can’t perform at our best
  • We have more friction with our colleagues/family/friends
  • We don’t enjoy our lives as much
  • We can not prioritise

What does clutter do to you?

  • You waste time searching for things
  • Clutter occupies space
  • You lose things
  • Clutter makes you feel busy
  • You get distracted and have difficulty focusing
  • Stress (unnecessary)
  • Clutter affects your image. You look out of control
  • You cannot prioritise or work efficiently when you can’t see or find the tasks that need to be done
  • A cluttered life makes us feel anxious
  • It is difficult to focus and be productive in an environment filled with clutter.
  • If our lives are full of clutter, literally or figuratively, it may be difficult to focus and feel peaceful and happy.

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