Christmas Planning – Final Countdown

Our aim is for this Christmas to be magical and enjoyable. That means it all comes down to the planning. The tips are aimed to help you be organised this Christmas.

Next week is Christmas so this week it is all about our final steps. Ideally the last few weeks have helped and you are feeling in control in the lead up to Christmas Day.

  • Purchase perishable foods
  • Buy flowers
  • Buy batteries
  • Charge videos and cameras
  • Decorate the table early
  • Prepare foods in advance
  • Take time to think about Christmas Eve
  • Remember the milk and cookies for Santa and the Reindeers

Enjoying Christmas – Final Countdown

258The house is cleaned, the gifts are wrapped, the decorations are up, most of the functions are out of the way. Wow – we got there. It is now the week before Christmas and it is time for the little details.

It is time to:

  • Buy some flowers
  • Wrap the last presents
  • Buy final perishable foods
  • Check your camera and videos are charged
  • Buy some batteries [we always need these at Christmas]
  • Have your last few days planned out so your head is clear

Things to include in your final plan:

  • Defrosting any meats
  • Preparing the table
  • Preparing any food that can be done early
  • Make sure you have enough cutlery and crockery
  • Get your clothes out and organised
  • Get your sleep

Plan Your Christmas Eve

  • Spend time with the kids in the park so they are tired and will go to sleep early
  • Have an easy meal or go out for dinner
  • Watch a Christmas movie or read a Christmas story
  • Deliver gifts to neighbours
  • Open one special gift each
  • Take photos by the Christmas tree
  • Put out milk and cookies for Santa

Please make every effort you can to enjoy the day. It is special. You are with people who mean a lot to you.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, enjoy the festive season with the ones you love. Thank you for being part of the LifeStyle Refocus Community.

Christmas Planning – Theft During the Holiday Season

Our aim is for this Christmas to be magical and enjoyable. That means it all comes down to the planning. The tips are aimed to help you be organised this Christmas.

Thieves are out and about more than normal at this time of the year. Some small tips to help keep your home safe.

  • Lock the doors of the home and car
  • Be aware when shopping
  • Plan if you are going away for example:
    • Have someone collect your mail
    • Put your rubbish bins out
    • Arrange for the lawns to be mowed
    • Put timers on some lights and radios in the house
    • Arrange for someone to house sit
    • Let your neighbours know you will be away

Enjoying Christmas – Theft

Credits to for the image

Credits to for the image

Believe it or not, at this time of year, you aren’t the only busy person. Thieves are busy too. They know that houses are full of gifts and presents. At the same time, they have a busy schedule just after Christmas when everyone heads off on holidays.

Lock the House

We are busy and in and out of the house. I know this sounds basic, but make sure the doors are locked. Thieves are out and about and just trying doors is easy for them.

Lock the Car

When at shopping centres, it can be an ordeal just getting a car park. This means by the time we have a car park, we can jump out of the car and forget to lock the car.

Break down boxes

If you leave a large box out on the nature strip for the rubbish collection men, that is advertising what you have just purchased. They get to see what households have purchased a new flat screen televisions, computer, etc.

Going Away

If you are going away then do some small little things that don’t advertise that no one is home. Suggestions include but not limited to:

  • Leave clothes on the clothes line
  • Have the mail collected
  • Get someone to put the bins out
  • Have some lights or radios on timers so they come on of an evening
  • Ask a friend to mind your house while you are away

Christmas Planning – Your Health At Christmas

Our aim is for this Christmas to be magical and enjoyable. That means it all comes down to the planning. The tips are aimed to help you be organised this Christmas.

Looking after yourself is key. So consider the following factors:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Continue to exercise
  • Eat well in between functions
  • Take time to think and plan

Enjoying Christmas – Guard Your Health

255This time of year we all seem to push beyond our ‘normal’ limits. It is important for you to look after yourself. It is easy to abuse your health with parties, rich food, a busy schedule, less time for sleep, dropping or reducing the exercise routine.

Some suggestions include:


It is important to enjoy the festive season; however, be aware of what food you are eating. When not at functions and parties, be conscious of eating really well. Salads, fruit, and vegetables. When you are at functions and parties, try not to go there hungry. Eat something before you go so that you aren’t starving.


Drink plenty of water all the time especially when you are at functions and events where alcohol will be served. Try to have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.


Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. As your schedule gets busier with functions and events to attend make sure you still include time for exercise. Exercise releases chemicals in your body that help relieve stress. Exercise is one of those things that will help keep you feeling fit and fresh in a busy time.


Don’t neglect your sleep. When we are tired, we are less productive; we can be irritable and less able to cope with stress. Research shows that your emotions will come up and down, and your powers of logic will suffer without sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day or as regularly as possible.

Keep the End in Mind

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get through the Christmas period without gaining weight, being tired, stressed, grouchy or unwell? It is possible; however, it is about being conscious about what you are doing and taking steps to look after yourself.