Goal Setting – What Is Your Passion And Desire?

This video discusses what is your passion and desire.

It is funny how life works out at times. When I was young, I really wanted to be a teacher. This didn’t happen for various reasons, but now I am teaching adults and I love it. I am inspired and passionate and receive so much value form this.

When I stop and reflect, my whole life has just about involved being in education. I didn’t realise it, which is strange, but it has.

Is it time you stop and reflect to see where your career has taken you?

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you passionate?
  • Are you excited?

Action: Take time to reflect and see if you are on track to living your dream life.



278Balance is the key to life. If we had sunshine all the time without rain, the plants would suffer. If we only focused on one area of our life such as work, other areas such as our relationships, health and fitness, personal development, may suffer.

Balance is about your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. When we focus too much on one area, other areas in our life are impacted and, in some cases, other areas of our life suffer.

We have to be aware of over-scheduling ourselves. Aiming for total balance is perhaps aiming too high – it is all about overall well-being. Combine being at work with your friendship groups. You could even exercise at lunch time with some of your work colleagues. That means you are working on your business relationships plus health and fitness. Maybe you could combine your children’s sport commitments and be involved; in some way, this helps with your family time.

The message I am giving here is rather than separating categories, combine categories. If you exercise then try to exercise with friends. To spend time with your children, then get involved in things they do, combine work with your social life.

Remember, we no longer live in a society or world where it is 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play. It is about using our time well and we can do this to help maintain balance.

I look forward to hearing your creative success stories about balance.

Time Management – When Life Bumps You Around

This video discusses when life bumps you around.

Personal example: I coach junior sport and recently while filling in for another coach, one of the parents verbally abused me. I couldn’t believe it occurred and was really surprised how much this affected me.

I could not eat
Lost sleep
Emotional …

However, I did want to move forward and am well aware that forgiveness is key. I found it hard to forgive at first; I couldn’t come up with a reason why to forgive them.

I tried another tack – what lesson have I learnt from this experience. I identified my lesson. Then I was able to be grateful for the lesson they have taught me and then I could forgive and move forward.

Action: Is there anyone in your life that you need to forgive?

Is My Dream Possible?

276Many of us don’t even spend a lot of time thinking about what we really want from our life. Some of us who do, may be asking the wrong question. What question is that? It is “Is my dream possible?”

Then they look at their life, their abilities and their conditions to determine the answer.

The answers to those questions may be convincing. You may look at where you live, your age, your bank statement.

However, the world is an interesting place. The universe is full of endless possibilities. Many say, by definition, it is unlimited.

When you look at your current life, your current abilities and your current conditions to determine your dream, you squeeze the infinite into a tiny little picture of what you think is possible.

We have to really dream to make our dreams possible. We have to be a little bit crazy and reach to the improbable and impossible. Remember, a hundred years ago, flying in a plane was impossible, the telephone was ridiculous, the light bulb, cars, televisions, and computers. If those inventors looked to the current conditions back then to determine their dreams, we may never have made these leaps.

So start asking a different question – “What would I love?” Then allow yourself to dream without limit. Write down the ideas that come to you. Look for the feeling of excitement, nervousness, ridiculous, laughter and let it guide you to living the life of your dreams.

Goal Setting – When Goals Don’t Go As Planned

This video discusses when goals don’t go as planned and covers:

  • We all start with good intentions
  • Things happen to take us away from our goals
  • Personal example
  • Adjust and start again
  • Be focused and determined

Lessons To Be Learnt This Year

take chargeOur age doesn’t matter; we all have lessons to learn in life. Take time this year to look at the people around you and the things that are happening to you and look for what you can learn.

Be aware and open for your lessons this year.

When you take on board the lessons that are around you, it means that next time you find things will be easier for you.

If you are someone who has the same problems or difficulties as you have always had then perhaps it means you are not learning the lessons that you need to learn.

Be open to what is going on in your life, the good and the bad and look for the lessons to be learnt.