Goal Setting: When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Sometimes in our life, it is time for something to end. We may be happy about that or we may feel disappointed that it is ending. It could be our fear of not knowing what is next or losing what we have known. It may be a special relationship, a career, even an item that we owned.

When this occurs, don’t despair. You are experiencing this loss for one reason and that is so you can receive greater good.

You can’t release something without gaining something in return. The universe wants to fill the void, replacing sadness with joy, loss with gain, death with rebirth.

What can you do when a door closes? Firstly, it is a good idea to release your attachment to the way it was or the way you want it to be. Then be patient and wait. It will come when the time is right and you are ready.

Perhaps a useful affirmation is “a new door in my life stands open before me”.


I Enjoy Being Me

287What a wonderfully unique person I am!

I love how it feels to be me. I enjoy my life and cherish all the little nuances that occur every day.

I am where I am in life because of the choices I made and the work I put into being precisely who I am. I am exactly the person I want to be.

I will continue to grow and learn new things. I will continue to experience new things in life and transform for the better; this is part of being me.

I have surrounded myself with wonderful people and I enjoy who I am when I am with them.

I enjoy who I am when I am alone as well. I take pleasure in self-reflection and I appreciate how I permit myself to enjoy solitude.

I am fun and caring. I am talented and trustworthy. I am glad to be just who I am.

Today, I will have a special date with myself and plan a time where I can simply enjoy being me. I will do things I like to do and focus on the pure enjoyment of my time with me.

What are my best attributes?

What have I enjoyed doing by myself?

How do I show myself appreciation for being the wonderful person I am?

Personal Reflections Exercises

Goal Setting – Invest In Yourself

This week’s video discusses the importance of investing in yourself. Working with adult learners, I am meeting some amazing people. What I have been surprised by is how negative some of the self-talk is and how these people often put themselves last – whether that is their health, their career, their education.

It is empowering helping and supporting these people. It can also be frustrating when you can see their potential but they can’t.

I honestly believe we need to invest in ourselves so that we can be the best for those around us.

Action step: What can you do today that means you are becoming the best version of you?

The Joy of Laughter

284When you laugh, your brain produces natural mood elevators that free you from pain and suffering. Laughter is therapeutic. Humour can transform your emotions and mind and it can cure your body. Laughter helps you keep your life in perspective.

Laugh at yourself more. It helps to keep your life in perspective. I know, I was one of those people who wanted to do everything right. Who does everything right? No one. When I let go of this and started laughing at my silly small mistakes, life was more enjoyable, less pressure.

When was the last time you had a good laugh? It’s time to make laughter a priority. Maybe it’s time you watched your favourite comedy or borrowed a joke book from the library. Do something to bring laughter into your life and enjoy yourself.