Eagle’s Story


The Parking Lot

thinkHave you ever had a problem that you were unsure how to solve? You know there has to be a solution somewhere; however, the more you think about it, the further away the best answer seems to be.

There is one saying that is useful in this situation and that is “sleep on it”. It is a fantastic idea! It means just let your unconscious thoughts work away at finding a solution.

Another great idea that I love is when I have a problem and I just don’t have the time or shouldn’t be investing the time in trying to solve that problem immediately. I may have a presentation to give or an important meeting to attend to.

When this occurs and I am unable to give a problem or situation the attention it requires, I place the problem or situation into my mental parking lot until later.

I let my body and mind know that I will deal with it, just not yet. I then have the ability to focus on whatever it is that I should be investing my mental and physical and emotional energy into. When I place my issue into my parking lot, I am able to stay in the present.

Because I haven’t invested or wasted time on this, it actually allows me to make a better decision later. Deciding to put things in the parking lot is another way that I can take control of my life rather than being controlled.

Give it a go. It may just be another valuable tool that you can use to create a better life.

“Be an inspiration to yourself and
you will be an inspiration to others.”

Implementing Strategies to Clear My Mind

These are just some of the strategies to combat mental fatigue. You may have some other methods that help you relax and find peace in your life. Once you begin integrating these simple exercises into your day, you will begin to feel the weight lifted off your shoulders and before you know it, you’ll feel like a brand new person!

“You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden.”
– Astrid Alauda

I know how to quiet my thoughts
I deserve rest and quiet when I need it, and I create a space in my Life where I can go to get what I need. I am at peace with my solitude.
LIFE! Reflections on your journey – Louise L. Hay

Simulate the Mind
Once your mind is calm, it becomes a powerful receptacle for new ideas. Stimulating your mind can help you see things in a new light.

“Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.”
Author unknown

Kissing The Big Excuses Goodbye

no more excuses“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, and no regrets.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

There are basically two big excuses we all utilise:

The first one is: I can’t really help the way I am; after all, people can’t change their DNA.

What a great excuse this is. It easily excuses you from your behaviour. When you use these kind of excuses, you can place blame onto so many other people like your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your teachers, your coaches.

However, guess what? It’s not that good an excuse after all. Research has shown that we actually do change and that approximately 95 percent of us do not have genetic reasons for illness, depression, fear, and many other conditions.

The second excuse is related to the way you were raised, your early start in life and your conditioning by your family. Many of us hold onto this so tightly that we honestly believe we are the way we are because of the actions and behaviours of those around us.

I have good news! Just because you were raised in a certain way, that does not mean you have to automatically pass that onto future generations.

There is a science behind this and I’m not going to get too technical. The science shows that there are these funny little non-things called memes which are thoughts that you allow to become your master – and make no mistake about it, every excuse you’ve ever used is really a meme disguised as an explanation.

You can deprogram yourself from these memes (mind viruses). A virus isn’t concerned with whether it’s contributing to your well-being or your ill-being because it only wants to penetrate, replicate, and spread. You don’t have to be a victim of anything that was transferred from another mind to yours. Your beliefs have made these memes seem like second nature to you. While excuses are just thoughts or beliefs, you are the decider of what you ultimately store away as your guide to life.

“The hell to be endured hereafter, of which theology tells,
is no worse than the hell we make for ourselves in this world
by habitually fashioning our characters in the wrong way . . .
We are spinning our own fates, good or evil . . . “
from the Principles of Psychology, by William James

The Habitual (Subconscious) Mind

If something is subconscious and thus automatic, it’s believed that you don’t have a choice in the matter. And to me, that’s the most regrettable thing about this subconscious model: believing that you don’t have a choice. The truth, as I see it, is that everything you think, say, and do is a choice – and you don’t need to think, speak, or act as you’ve done for your entire life. When you abandon making choices, you enter the best world of excuses.


Changing your swimming stroke – many people, when they are taught to swim, are taught to breath after every fourth stroke. However, if you wish to change this, you can. If you wish to breathe after every third stroke, you can. It takes a conscious effort that you have to repeat and repeat and repeat. Over time change is possible.

My daughter, Alanah, broke her right arm. Within two weeks, she was very competent with her left arm and hand for doing most things. Six weeks later, she was really capable with her left arm. Her handwriting was just as good as it had been with her right hand. When her arm was taken out of the plaster, it took us a little while to retrain her to use her right hand and arm again. She had been completely reprogrammed.

When I was first working full time, my boss had a beautiful speaking voice and I loved it. It occurred to me that as a child I didn’t think she would have spoken like that. So I asked her and she told me that when she was about 19 years old, she had decided that she wanted to have a beautiful speaking voice. She trained herself over a number of months to start to speak differently.

My point being that we can train ourselves to change. We just have to decide to do it. Be conscious of our behaviour and start behaviouring in the way we choose!

“Be an inspiration to yourself and
you will be an inspiration to others.”

Strategies to Clear My Mind – Stillness Meditation

  • Is a medically based form of mediation
  • Developed in 1950’s by Dr Ainslie Meares
  • Meares taught people to relieve and manage anxiety by experiencing mental rest
  • When correctly practised – anxiety levels and reduced and distressing symptoms gradually disappear – bringing about a more peaceful, balanced life
  • Without learning how to rest the mind, the level of stress and anxiety generally does NOT go away instead it compounds
  • The more stress you experience the more you get stressed

What is stillness meditation?

It is sitting still, options include:

    • Sitting in a chair letting your thoughts run wild
    • Quiet music
    • Chant
    • Sitting at the park, breathing deeply, being lost in your thoughts

Affirmations To Eliminate Excuses

no excusesWe all use excuses at some time – whether it is to procrastinate, delay, deny, move the blame elsewhere … However, if you want to take action then perhaps when you find yourself using an excuse or wanting to use an excuse, you just start telling yourself something that will move you forward.

It will be difficult – I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to.

It’s going to be risky – All things have an element of risk; however, being my true self involves no risk, it is me being genuine and authentic

It will take a long time – It doesn’t matter how long it takes to live my life to the fullest and accomplish my dreams.

There will be family drama – My family wants the best for me always.

I don’t deserve it – We all deserve to become the best version of ourselves.

It’s not my nature – Extending myself to become the best I can be means I can step outside of what I know even if it is just a little bit.

I can’t afford it – I can afford anything that I set my mind to because I am connected to abundance

No one will help me – When I take the first step, I will be amazed at the people who are there to support me to take the next step. The right people are already here.

It has never happened before – I am a leader and I will show everyone around me that there is a new way.

I’m not strong enough – My strength comes from deep within me and when I take action it moves to action.

I’m not smart enough – I am a genius in my own right.

I’m too old (or not old enough) – The age of my body has no impact on what I do and what I can accomplish.

The rules won’t let me – I live my life according to heavenly rules

It’s too big – I think about the first step I need to take, when I think small, I accomplish great things.

I don’t have the energy – I feel passionately about my life, and this passion fills me with excitement and energy.

It’s my personal family history – Everyone around me has done the best they could with the knowledge they had. The experiences I have had allowed me to become the person I have become.

I’m too busy – as I simplify my life, I free myself to live the life of my dreams.

I’m too scared – I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

The key is to use these statements when you find that you are using excuses. They will help you take that next important step to get started or to keep going when you are feeling stuck. Embrace the affirmations and see what ones work for you. What ones allow you to take that next step so you can eliminate excuses and create your life on your terms.

“Be an inspiration to yourself and
you will be an inspiration to others.”

Strategies to Clear My Mind – Breathing Exercises

Try breathing exercises

When things get rough, take deep breaths in through your nose; hold it for 10 seconds, then release. You’ll notice that this will relieve tension.

Controlled Breathing Technique:

  • This rapid relaxation technique involves breathing in and out nine times in three series of three breaths.
  • In the first series of three breaths, inhale deeply and, as you exhale slowly, say quietly or think to yourself, “Calm body.” Repeat three times.
  • In the second series of three breaths, inhale deeply and, as you exhale, say quietly or think to yourself, “Calm mind.”
  • In the final series of three breaths, inhale deeply and, as you exhale, say (and do) “Smile.” – info@keytostressfreeliving.com


Sound is a traditional healing tool in many cultures in the world. Drumming, chanting or singing, bells, gongs – all produce vibrations and an internal resonance that promote beneficial changes in your brain.

This will help you reach more relaxed and harmonious states.

You can experiment with this by listening to chanting, or by chanting Om.

What other sounds are soothing? Sounds of nature (try putting on a nature sounds CD) and mediation music.